About Us

Welcome to the Vertebar Posture Guide (VPG) shop. The VPG was created to help you find, maintain, and move with a neutral spine to prevent injuries and pain. This device is a guide, not a brace. Wear it while performing heavy lifts or use it as a posture reset to reduce back pain. Just 10 minutes a day of VPG exercise, a few times a week, you can create a healthier, happier spine and body. 

The VPG was invented by pain-free fitness pro Sheena Nadeau, creator of the Neutral Spine Method. With over 15 years of experience teaching movement in pain-free ranges of motion in gyms and physical therapy clinics, Sheena saw a common movement pattern in people inflicted with chronic pain. 10 years ago she invented the VPG concept which was awarded two patents in 2019 and 2020. Sheena's mission is to help us all live, move, and play pain-free.