Vertebar Posture Guide

Back Pain affects over 80% of us.

Save your spinewith the Vertebar® Posture Guide (VPG). The VPG helps you find and move with a neutral spine, reducing uneven wear and tear in the body. Protect your spine during workouts and heavy lifts.

Prevent injuries, reduce pain, and recovery faster by moving with a neutral spine.

The Vertebar Posture Guide (VPG) is a tactile kinesthetic proprioceptive device that gives your posture muscles cues to allow your body to find, maintain, and move with a neutral spinal alignment.

The current available version is made from Aluminum. We offer 5 colors to choose from, 2 lengths, and 3 strap sizes to allow customization and best fit.


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Featured Vertebar Posture Guide

The Vertebar Posture Guide comes in 5 colors and 2 lengths. 

Neutral Spine + Hip Hinge = Maximum Potential

There are 2 key factors in preventing and rehabilitating injuries. Neutral Spines and Hip Hinges.

Maintaining a Neutral Spine while bending over distributes the workload to our hips, which are better equipped for lifting mechanics.

What is a Hip Hinge

The hip hinge is when we bend over from our hips and not round over with our spines.
Save your low back from unnecessary injury by mastering the hip hinge when bending over or squatting.

What is a Neutral Spine?

Neutral spines are not a straight or flat spine. The spine has curves that are ideal for weight bearing and allow for optimal nerve communication, as well as blood flow.